CUHK Business School Graduates Topped the Chart in the New HKICPA Qualification Programme Examinations

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Ten Professional Accountancy (PACC) graduates from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School achieved outstanding results in Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (HKICPA) new Qualification Programme (QP) examinations launched since 2020.

Out of eight professional modules over the past two examination diets in total, PACC graduates seized six top student awards.

“I am grateful to see that our PACC graduates achieve remarkable results in the new QP examinations, especially during this challenging time under the pandemic,” Mr. Eric Leung, Director of PACC Programme shared, “I hope our graduates will continue to equip themselves professionally and stay resilient in this dynamic environment.”

While technical skills remain as the basis, Mr. Leung highlighted that the new QP examination has put a stronger emphasis on professional soft skills. It assesses candidates’ ability to utilise information from various sources to critically analyse accounting-related issues and to logically present the solutions for complex business problems.

He added that the PACC programme is fully aligned and all set to prepare students for adapting to the new exams. Apart from placing an increased emphasis on applying business cases at class, the programme requires all PACC students to complete a capstone project in order to graduate. Students will work in teams to craft a strategic business plan, including a financial budget, to stimulate the development of a designated organisation. This helps students not only build a solid foundation on both technical and soft skills, but also reflect on the role of accountants in the contemporary business environment.

Over the years, the PACC programme has been nurturing professional accountants and specialists in accounting and related fields to respond to the fast-changing business dynamics. It is highly recognised by international professional and accreditation bodies such as HKICPA. Graduates from the programme are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively deal with the increasingly complex and inter-connected business world and to become future leaders in the accounting and business community.

The list of awardees:

December 2020 Session:

  • Li Fook Shu Memorial Prize (Gold Award) – Ho-ching Li (PACC, 2018)
  • BDO Prize (Silver Award) – Man-ting Cheung (PACC, 2019)
  • Edward Chow Memorial Prize (Bronze Award) – Kin-chung Leung (PACC, 2019)

June 2021 Session:

  • Top Student Award in Module 11 – Pui Yip (PACC, 2020)
  • Top Student Award in Module 12 – Hoi-him Li (PACC, 2019)
  • Top Student Award in Module 13 – Tsz-yan Chan (PACC, 2020)
  • Top Student Award in Module 14 – Chuen-ying Lam (PACC, 2020)
  • BDO Prize (Silver award) – Wing-sze Yeung (PACC, 2018)

December 2021 Session:

  • Top Student Award in Module 11 – Wing-yan Leung (PACC, 2021)
  • Top Student Award in Module 14 – Wing-yin Lee (PACC, 2021)
  • ICAEW Price – Tsz-yan Chan (PACC, 2020)

Photo courtesy of HKICPA