2018 Top 10 from China Business Knowledge @ CUHK

Makino, Shige(牧野成史), Wan, Lisa C.(尹振英), , , Shen, Hao(沈浩), Yang, George Yong(楊勇), Hong, Ying-yi(康螢儀), Li, Wendong(李文東), Du, Timon Chih-ting(杜志挺), Hu, Mandy Mantian(胡曼恬), Gao, Leilei(高蕾蕾)

From marketing and management strategies in digital era and genetic research on leadership to consumer behaviours and e-commerce platforms, here are this year’s top 10 most popular feature articles based on research and expert insights by CUHK Business School

By China Business Knowledge @ CUHK 

Innovation & Technology

Standing Out in the Digital Economy

Prof. Shige Makino, Department of Management

The pace of digital transformation is accelerating. How do we remain competitive and develop new skills for the ever-changing career market?

Consumer Behaviour

The Hidden Value of Going Green

Prof. Lisa Wan, School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Why do we care about green products and services? Are we protecting the environment or our face?

Innovation & Technology

Welcome to Agilification

Prof. Michael Zhang and Prof. Yesha Sivan, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Agilification has become one of the core values of modern management. What are the challenges facing Chinese companies in being agile?


How Speaking Connects You More to Your Favourite Brand

Prof. Shen Hao, Department of Marketing

The Internet has already changed how we communicate with each other. Has it also influenced our attitude towards our favourite brand?


Are Local CEOs Less Myopic than Nonlocal CEOs?

Prof. George Yang, School of Accountancy

Local CEOs are more likely to make long-term business development as well as contribute to CSR initiatives to benefit local communities than nonlocal CEOs.

Innovation & Technology

Building an Innovation Nation

Prof. Hong Ying-yi, Department of Marketing

The quality of basic education and cultural values are two key factors affecting a country’s innovation outcomes.


Are Leaders Born or Made?

Prof. Li Wendong, Department of Management

The debate of nature versus nurture is once again discussed in leadership role. Is there a particular gene involved in the making of a leader?

Innovation & Technology

The Rise and Fall of Bike-Sharing Platforms: A Lesson in E-Commerce

Prof. Timon Du, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics

Bike-sharing platforms have grown rapidly in the era of digital economy. However, not all of them survived the competition.

Consumer Behaviour

The Science of Online Group Buying

Prof. Mandy Hu, Department of Marketing

What can we learn about consumer behaviours behind two popular e-commerce platforms in U.S. and China?


How to Convert Your Consumers to Loyal Customers

Prof. Gao Leilei, Department of Marketing 

Not all loyalty programmes create long-lasting customer relationships. The key is to create a journey of achievement.

Makino, Shige(牧野成史)

Emeritus Professor

Wan, Lisa C.(尹振英)

Associate Professor
Acting Director, School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Co-Director, Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research

Shen, Hao(沈浩)


Yang, George Yong(楊勇)

Director, School of Accountancy
Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Business Administration

Hong, Ying-yi(康螢儀)

Choh-Ming Li Professor of Management
Principal Investigator of Culture Lab

Li, Wendong(李文東)

Associate Professor
Coordinator, MPhil-PhD programme in Management

Du, Timon Chih-ting(杜志挺)

Emeritus Professor

Hu, Mandy Mantian(胡曼恬)

Associate Professor
Director, MSc Programme in Marketing
Director, Centre for Consumer Insights

Gao, Leilei(高蕾蕾)

Associate Professor
Coordinator, MPhil and PhD in Marketing Programme

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