2016 Top 10 Most Popular Articles from Chinese Business Knowledge @ CUHK

Makino, Shige(牧野成史), Lau, Dora Chi-sun(劉芷申), Yang, George Yong(楊勇), Gu, Zhaoyang(顧朝陽), , Wan, Lisa C.(尹振英), , Kwong, Jessica Yuk-yee(鄺玉儀),

From foreign relationships to China’s financial market, to CSR and consumer behavior, here are this year’s top 10 most popular articles based on research done by CUHK Business School

By China Business Knowledge @ CUHK

1. Foreign Investments – A Matter of Head or Heart?

Prof. Shige Makino and Megan Li, Department of Management

When it comes to investments, decisions are not always rational. As a study by CUHK Business School finds, national sentiments play a significant role in foreign investments.

2. Does Loneliness Matter At Workplace?

Prof. Dora Lau, Department of Management

Previous research tells us loneliness can make us sick and depressed. However, does loneliness affect our work performance as well?

3. How China’s Firms Use Analysts to Communicate Externally

Prof. T. J. Wong, Former Dean of CUHK Business School, School of Accountancy

A study by CUHK Business School reveals how well-connected financial analysts play an important role in informing the wider market about Chinese firms.

4. Friends in Need are Friends Indeed – How Friendships Cloak Financial Gain in China

Prof. George Yang and Prof. Gu Zhaoyang, School of Accountancy

A study by CUHK Business School reveals the invisible links between financial analysts and fund managers and how their friendships cloak the financial gain in investment in China.

5. The Value of Alternative Financing in Chinese Firms

Prof. Daphne Yiu, Department of Management

It is hard for private firms in China to get bank loans, but when they turn to alternative financing, the impact on their company performance is often positive.

6. Does An Attractive Salesperson Always Boost Sales?

Prof. Lisa Wan, School of Hotel and Tourism Management and Prof. Robert Wyer, Department of Marketing

We often assume physical attraction will be an advantage in life. However, a study by CUHK Business School suggests that this may not always be true.

7. Cornerstone Investment: A Fast-growing Trend

Prof. Paul McGuinness, Department of Finance

A ground-breaking research reveals the important role of cornerstone investors in the Hong Kong capital market and their influence on a firm’s IPO value.

8. What Makes Consumers Use Their Loyalty Points?

Prof. Jessica Kwong, Department of Marketing

Companies are utilizing loyalty programs more often than ever to retain customers and boost sales. What makes people spend their points and stay loyal to a program?

9. Doing Well By Doing Good: The Impact of CSR on Competitors

Prof. Cao Jie and Zhan Xintong, Department of Finance

CSR is not only a way to give back to society, but also an effective strategy which offers a competitive edge for firms, as CUHK researchers find.

10. Sure Win: New Study on Option Pricing Suggests Arbitrage Opportunities

Prof. Cao Jie and Zhan Xintong, Department of Finance

A cutting-edge option pricing research at CUHK Business School reveals flaws in the derivatives markets. The results have turned heads on Wall Street and may rewrite the manual on trading strategies.


Makino, Shige(牧野成史)

Emeritus Professor

Lau, Dora Chi-sun(劉芷申)

Associate Professor (Teaching)
Director, MSc in Management Programme
Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Yang, George Yong(楊勇)

Director, School of Accountancy
Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Business Administration

Gu, Zhaoyang(顧朝陽)

Director, MBA in Finance Programme

Wan, Lisa C.(尹振英)

Associate Professor
Acting Director, School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Co-Director, Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research

Kwong, Jessica Yuk-yee(鄺玉儀)

Chairman, Department of Marketing

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