The Academy has funded five exciting projects in FinTech with a total of HK$4.8M in the first year. These projects highlight a wider range of areas of expertise than that would be found in any other HK universities, and also addressing timely issues like financial fluctuations due to COVID-19 and next-generation digital currency.

Digital Finance, Financial Inclusion and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

PI: Prof. Douglas Arner, HKU
Co-Is: Dr. Giulian Castellan, HKU
Prof. Ross P. Buckley, UNSW, Australia
Prof. Dirk A. Zetzsche, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

HKU Coin: Towards Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Cryptocurrency with Accountability

PI: Dr. Allen Au, HKU 

Financial Volatility and Digital Finance

PI: Prof. Chen Lin, HKU

A Visualization Assisted Abnormal Trading Detection System for Multi-crypto Currencies

PI: Prof. SM Yiu, HKU
Co-I: Prof. TW Lam, HKU

HKU FinTech Index Project

PI: Prof. SM Yiu, HKU
Co-PIs: Prof. Philip Yu, EdUHK
Prof. TW Lam, HKU
Mr. Brian Tang, HKU